Seasoned Laver

Whole Length Laver

20g x 3 x 10 bags

Table Laver

5g x 9 x 12 bags

Product Type Whole Length Laver / Table Laver / Laver for Lunch Box
Food Type Seasoned Laver
Use & Usage For Side Dishes, For Snacks
Ingredients & Content Laver 97%, Cooking Oil (Imported) 1%, Sesame Oil 1%, Perilla 0.5%, Seasoned Salt 0.5%
Packaging Material opp+pe+aluminum
How to Store Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture, and store in a cool and well-ventilated place.

Features, strengths, and purposes of products

01.   Well-being food with no preservative, saccharin, and bleaching agent added.
02.   Enjoyable at any time and anywhere. Edible with gimbap and soy sauce.